Sunday, June 17, 2018

True commitment is an engine for improvement – Reason 45

For most people, a significant element that helps form their identity is the forged relationships between the person and family, friends, work, community, etc.  That means commitment and according to its depth and length, decisions are made and lives are shaped.

Even though committing to someone and making agreements imply the need to change or to adapt along the way, including self-change, a leader will do it.  Even though there are many people in the world who will back away from a pledge or promise, leaders won’t.

A leader leads people, not companies or machines, and her or his commitment is what helps in achieving a goal and fulfilling a vision.  By doing this, the leader’s team will work tirelessly to enable each other and others to live a better life.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Your own example helps others in their change – Reason 44

Of the people I know, to change another person is a desire most of them have.  Parents try to change their children’s behaviour, bosses correct their employees and even rulers suggest a few changes into other politicians’ acts from time to time.

However, it is rare for that change to take place…  In these times of the Internet, parents just give up and live with the way their children act - at least until something really bad happens.  If an employee does not like her or his boss, they just look for another job and politicians will fight against their ruler’s suggestions.

But, there is a way to change others, and you have probably done so at some point, maybe without even realising.  It is just one word: Example.

A leader is able to see clearly how useless is to try to change someone else through bringing something to their attention in the form of a correction; in fact, that bad thing will get even stronger.

His or her example plants a seed for change, and its beauty is that there is no argument or opinions; after all it is really in that way.  It may take a while, but it is consistent and others don’t feel invaded or manipulated by it.

With the power of example, leaders create more leaders.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Any knowledge you get is valuable – Reason 43

There was a time when being a leader was synonymous to have an apparent infinite source of knowledge.  Then 20th century came…

Knowledge has become very cheap and easily available, and can no longer be used to discern between a leader and a person whose leadership has not been developed.

For ordinary people, knowledge is only useful if it directly helps in their work, relationship and other aspects of life, but a leader will turn any knowledge learnt from school, parents, religion and culture into something precious because she or he is able to connect to its deep meaning.

As an example, a leader will learn the concept of square root, as anyone, but for him or her, the most important thing is the demonstration of the nature of expansion: thereto, one’s capacity for logic and reasoning … It is not a math exercise, it is a deep attainment.

Over time, that same basis of knowledge will inspire others to change their lives or to improve their behaviour.  At some point, knowledge applied in this way turns into wisdom.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Everything you have done has been REALLY worthwhile – Reason 42

Have you ever read through someone else’s curriculum vitae?  Or even your own one?  If you did so, you have probably noticed people tend not to mention jobs they consider embarrassing, or they give a different slant to portray them in a better light.

For instance, if a person in a high position had very simple or ordinary jobs, it is possible that these may not be mentioned.  If someone finds out about that, they may be explained away as having been extremely boring or that no training was available.  But for a leader, it is never like that.

Any job or anything a person does, it gives him the possibility of learning and to identify potential and personal strengths.  For the common person, to complain will be the way to deal with it, but for a leader, that job is like a university or post-graduation course in the form of a great opportunity to change points of view.

There are so many phases we all go through in life which on the face of it look like a waste of time, but there is always a chance that lies within them; a hidden benefit that leaders use to overcome obstacles that come later.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Your character impacts many others and changes their lives – Reason 41

Leaders have a range of influence far beyond any normal person and it may even transform other people’s lives as many real life stories support this.

Within the range of the concept of influence, character is a very distinct element, because you cannot teach someone how their character should be.  Well, you may teach them, but what they will really absorb is you as an example, not your lecture.  How do you teach someone to be generous or perseverant?

There is a story of a grandmother who furnished her small beach house with very ugly and flimsy plastic furniture.  Used to her eccentricities, her grandchildren tried to tell her they weren’t good and necessary, but she refused to listen to them or to give an explanation.

It took some time for them to learn the truth and many years to understand the lesson: a neighbour single mother with two kids was desperate in need of money to buy food, so the older woman bought her tables and chairs to provide the woman with some money.  That grandmother left a powerful legacy to her grandchildren in the form of an example.

Leaders don’t give lectures to help others in their own character development, as they teach with their actions and intentions, instead of words.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your life is totally your own show; others are guests on it… - Reason 40

Do you know these long running TV shows or soap opera?  One of the tricks a producer has to keep interest is to invite known actors, singers and even politicians to take part.  Sometimes, the guest is more important than the actual actor of the show, but, still, it is not the guest’s show, but the actor’s.

Our lives are our own shows that run from that wonderful moment when we take birth until the time of departure.  Everyone else is a guest who features in it. 

Not everyone has that awareness, but for a leader, this is very clear.  On the one hand, it gives freedom and a leader can choose who will enter his or her life, and how.  That makes it easier to be surrounded by people who effectively contribute and who make life more interesting and challenging.

On the other hand, it releases everyone of blame: absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in a leader’s life is accepted as her or his responsibility.  So, people will be also free and light in the presence of a leader as it is all based on choice.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Leaders have no impossible obstacles – Reason 39

A leader never sees an obstacle as impossible.  Maybe it will take time and the leader will have to learn many new things to overcome it, but nothing is impossible.

There are several reasons for that, all related to a leader’s wisdom.  First, a leader won’t get into a situation without having the resources, skills or need.  His or her discernment is very sharp and is able to identify this at the onset.

Second, if it does happen that a leader is going through a circumstance that is beyond her or his capacity or resources, she or he will be humble and eager to learn how to win this particular batter, by asking for help or trying harder.

And yet, if not even that makes things possible, a leader is humble enough to accept defeat, embrace it and turn it into a victory through having learnt something useful for the future.

 (Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)