Sunday, January 14, 2018

You often think outside the box and manage great projects - Reason 25

People have a tendency to put themselves in a box, that is, an invisible and intangible box made up of beliefs and knowledge, perceived capacities and fears.  This box then creates self-fulfilling limitations, preventing the individual to do things according to their potential.

Some people are able to come out of those restrictions and we call them leaders.  The practical reason is the fact their tasks are often beyond their present capacity to perform them.

By being a leader, you have a constant need to challenge and to be creative, because what others see as impossible it becomes possible by you.  For a leader, ethics are the only restriction as they work as a compass signalling the path to be followed.

This perspective extends to life in general: every problem and bad situation inspires a leader to find a solution, beyond limitations and restrictions.  Beyond impossible.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: the year of 8

Life is a miracle. From the biological point of view, statistics show that a new life is an almost impossible feat, and yet every day there is a birth… RIGHT NOW, a baby is being born, a mother wolf is licking its new cub and a new whale is starting to swim in the oceans of the world.

Celebrating a birthday is not a small thing. It means a reverence to that miracle and at the same time, a commitment to help life to continue.

On January 12th, I have the honor to celebrate mine. I feel humbled by the thought I was given a chance to live in this wonderful world.

However, it is not a single birthday; I celebrate two birthdays on the same day. How? Besides my birth, on that same date, in 1983, I got in touch with the subtle part of me, the soul that I am. It was and it is still is an incredible experience.

Every year I do something different and special for that celebration. For this double birthday, I would like to play with the number 8. After all…
  • ·        2018 ends in 8
  • ·        My physical age is 53 and when you sum the numbers… yes, right, you get 8! Wait a second… my SPIRITUAL age is 35 and guess the result of summing its numbers…
  • ·        And summing both ages, I get 88 – so, DOUBLE EIGHT!

There are eight affirmations I feel that have helped me to live spiritually in a very non-spiritual world. Each of these is associated with a spiritual power, which you can check on my blog about it.

I hope they will work as a gift from me to you. After all, a birthday means gift…


b d

i d

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our story…

If three people would meet today, each one could have their own story.

The first would share about separation and the pain another caused. But they would also share about their conquests: a new job, a new place to live, a new hope in life…
The second would share about their illness, a sickness that is preventing them to live life fully. And yet, there is a project of writing a new book and share with other people the art of meditation.
The third would be quiet, overwhelmed by memories of what happened during this year that is about to end… So many bad things, so many good things…

When they separated, the first one would have left with new projects in their life, thinking on how to make that happen. The New Year turns into a wonderful opportunity.
The second one would leave quietly, merged in a healing silence, doing the balance of the year that is finishing. The New Year is the chance to increase possibilities.
The third one would regret not having told others about their own newness, so immediately they would start to write to the others about it. The New Year is a blank page where to design their life.

As humans, today is a crossover between ages and eras, at a threshold of a new year, a new world. Today, it is a time of checking and planning, changing and dreaming, to discover more about others and themselves. May we always remember the lessons and keep on dreaming…

A very happy new year for you!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Just look at the stars…

Stars shine no matter if you are sad or happy, whether you are looking at them or not.
They have been shining over wonderful events, celebrating human conquests, but they have also been present when civilizations went down and tragedy stroke mercilessly.
Even when dark and dense clouds try and block stars, they are still shining… And if there are so many other lights in the city and you can’t see the starts, well, those lights will cease to exist at some point, but the starts will go on and on.

They could be a wonderful analogy for hope or courage, for any human virtue that helps us to face the impossible and remain standing before it, ready to move on and move forward.
It could be a metaphor of the human spirit itself, on how many times it kindles and flickers, how many times illuminates and fades, just to reignites again.

As humans, we are stars that never die away and even when we are unhappy, going through misery, we are still shining…

Sometimes, dark clouds come on our way, blocking our vision and preventing us to see a brighter future; and yet, we shine…
Sometimes, others’ gleam dulls our best effort to be important, and yet, we shine…

Just look at ourselves… Just look at yourself!  You are the brightest star of Christmas…

Merry Christmas to you!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

You are the source of harmony - Reason 24

We live together and we flourish as a worldwide big team, because we are human beings and it is in our nature.  Still, things don’t work always as we would like, because, among other reasons, we are so different from each other.

The pursuit of harmony is common nowadays, maybe motivated by the number of interpersonal conflicts.  For that reason, companies hire coaches and consultants to help their teams to work well together, mediators go from country to country to help solve issues and you sit down from time to time to wonder what to do about your own relationships.

It is easier for leaders as they always think of themselves as the ones to generate harmony.  They won’t look for it from others, nor will they wait for others to change, but they will provide that energy from their own actions, attitude and awareness.  To be part of the inner circle of a leader is an opportunity to feel harmony in practical life.

Harmony is something exquisite, because it is based on the truth, peace and mutual good wishes and it can be a healing experience for an entire group.  Where harmony prevails as the constant backdrop for any resolution of momentary conflict, it will be just like a modern piece of art: challenging and beautiful at the same time.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Each day is a new chapter of your life - Reason 23

If your life was a book, what would be the title?  This is a deep reflection each one of us should do from time to time.  The secret behind it is that whatever is the book’s chosen title, so also will be the experience that day.

For leaders, that reflection takes place naturally and it helps to focus.  Energy and resources will be harnessed meaningfully. 

The best leadership does not stop with the choice of book title.  Where there is the mindset that every day is a new chapter with its own beginning, middle and end, an active leader starts renewed and fresh every day.

This is the richness of being a leader, where every day contributes in an important way to growth.

So, for a leader instead of asking the title of their life’s book, an even better question is: What is the title of the new chapter I am starting today?

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

You will develop the full potential of your intelligence - Reason 22

By observation, there are three main components that compose what normally we define as intelligence: memory, synthesis and analysis.  That is, a very intelligent person will have an incredible memory, he or she will be able to gather information and give a meaning and context to it.

There is no scientific consensus on how to develop intelligence, but it is observed that mental exercise and stimulation coming from the need of the moment encourage this.  The point is you can develop intelligence, as much as you want, although for a normal person that is crushed by routine and a life without creativity.

It is not about the intelligence borne out of schooling, but that capacity we all have as humans to figure out our way in this world.

A leader will quickly gather all information needed, reflect, reach a conclusion and then act.  This encourages creativity whilst at the same time provides structure and focus so that everyone’s energy is best directed.

Over and above, a leader will be able to reach a point where solutions can be found and it will serve as lessons to learn and as a means of self-motivation.

(Excerpt from the book 82 Reasons to be a Leader)